3 Jun 2016

HPSC's urgent Notice to 1647 Assistant Prof. (College Cadre) Aspirants



It is hereby announced for the general information of the candidates, who had applied under BC category for the posts of Assistant Professor (College Cadre) for various subjects in response to the Advertisement No. 7/2014 published on 24.01.2014, that the Govt. vide notification dated 15.07,2014 has converted the BC category into BC-A & BC-8. In furtherance of same, advertisement No. 10/2015 dated 16.02.2016 followed by corigendum dated 29.04.2016 for recruitment of 1647 posts of Assistant Professors (College Cadre) was published with the stipulation that the candidate who had applied earlier need not apply again and their earlier applications in response to the Advertisement No. 7'12014 will be considered if found otherwise eligible. At serial No. 5, Note (vi) of advertisement No. 10/2015, it is specifically mentioned as under - 

The BC category candidates who had applied earlier in response to advt. No, 7/2014 (published on 24,01.2014) and announcement dated 09.06.2014 for the Posts of Assistant Professor in Higher Education Department, Haryana are hereby informed that the Govt. has now bifurcated the posts of BC category into BC-A and BC-&, Therefore, the candidates who had claimed BC category earlier hus to specify the category of BC-A or BC-&. For this purpose he/she has to login the Commission's website for updation of their BC category into BC-A or BC-B as the case may be,failing which their candidature will not be considered by the Commission, This option is only for the applicants who had earlier applied in pursuance of Advt. No. 7 of 2014 (published on 24.01.2014) and announcement dated 09.06.2014. 

In spite of all that there are 1055 candidates of BC category who have not updated their BC category as BC-A or BC-B till today. In the absence of aforesaid updation, it would not be possible for the Commission to consider their candidature for this recruitment. However, to avoid any litigation at the later stage the Commission has reconsidered the matter and taking a lenient view has granted ten days time i.e. upto 12.06 .2016 to all such candidates of BC category to update their BC category into BC-A or BC-B as the case may be, failing which their candidature will not be considered for this recruitment. Thereafter, no correspondence in this regard will be entertained by the Commission. The particulars i.e. Registration No., Name, Father Name and Subject of all 1055 candidates who have not updated their category ?ire available on Commission's website. 
NOTE:- (i) 
The link for updation in the category will be open upto 12.06.2016,

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