31 May 2016

HSSC Solved Question Paper (Evening) Shift Attendant Exam.29.05.2016 Advt.3/2016 Cat.01


Q.42. Where Chaudhary Chhoturam was born ?
Ans. Garhi Sampla 

Q.43. Two of the fugitives managed to remain free by adeptly avoiding the…..of the police 
Ans. Pursuit 

Q.44. The longest network of pakki roads in Haryana is in the distric 
Ans.  Bhiwani

Q.45. The sensitivity of a voltmeter is expressed as 
Ans. ohms/volt

Q.46. Sur samman award is given to the outstanding talent in the field of?
Ans. Literature 

Q.47.Kamla got married 6 years ago. Today her age is 1-1/4 times her age at the time of marriage. Her son’s age is 1/10 times her age. Her son’s age is 
Ans. 3 years 

Q.48. The process of conversion from a.c. into d.c. is called ?
Ans. Rectification

Q.49. Meningitis is a disease which affects the 
Ans. Brain 

Q. 50. Who has been crowned as the FBB Femina Miss India World 2016?
Ans. Priyadarshini Chatterjee 

Q.51. Gas discharge lamps take some time in illuminating fully. Which of the following lamps takes comparatively more time in illuminating fully?
Ans. Sodium Vapour Lamp

Q.52. Select the substitution that best expresses opposite meaning of the underlined word- Segregation 
Ans. integration

Q.53. What least number must be subtracted from 1936 so that the remainder when divided by 9, 10, 15 will leave in each case the same remainder 7?
Ans. 39

Q.54. Which one of the following is called digestive bag in the cell?
Ans. Lysosome 

Q.55. In Haryana at which place maximum number of Iron pipes manufactured
Ans. Hisar 

Q.56. The Idol of Lord Vishnu laying on Sheshshayya is found from which place of Sonipat district ?
Ans. Fajilpur 

Q.57.Find the odd number from the given alternatives 
Ans. 789

Q.58.Surajkund was constructed by whom?
Ans. Surajpal 

Q.59. An ideal current source should have 
Ans. Infinite resistance

Q.60. The connection of a zener diode in a circuit is always 
Ans. in series

Q.61. Kali Kamli wale Baba ka Dera is at which place in Haryana?
Ans. Kurukshetra 

Q.62. From the given alternative words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word- REHABILITATION 

Q.63. Optical fibers are based on the phenomenon of 
Ans. Total Internal Reflection 

Q. 64. In which district of Haryana horticulture of mango is not done?
Ans. Mahendragarh 

Q.65. The acceptor type of impurity is 
Ans. Boron

Q.66. The specific resistance of a substance depend on?
Ans. All the above factor 

Q.67. Famous Phalgu fair is held at which place?
Ans. Faral (Kaithal)

Q.68. आधा तीतर आधा बटेर का सही अर्थ विकल्प चयन करें 
उत्तर- अनमेल मिश्रण 

Q.69. The couple performing Inter-caste marriage in Haryana is paid an amount of 
Ans. One lakh rupees 

Q.70. The tool generally used for cutting small wires and cables when they are close to the terminal is 
Ans. Diagonal cutting plier

Q.71. Sarveshwar Mahadev Temple situated at Kurukshetra was built by whom 
Ans. Baba Sharvan Nath 

Q.72. अनुज शब्द का सही अर्थ क्या है?
उत्तर- छोटा भाई 

Q.75. The advantage of nickel-iron cell over led acid cell is this that-
Ans. It needs less maintenance 

Q.77. Impurities in an electrolyte can cause an internal short-circuit condition called 
Ans. Local action 

Q. 78. Which state has the largest number of seats in Legislative Assembly?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh 

Q.79. When was Skill India an initiative of the Government of India was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
Ans. 15 July, 2015

Q.80. Choose an alternative which can replace the given sentence so as to communicate the same meaning 
The state of being unmarried.
Ans. Bachelorhood

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