2 May 2016

HSSC Answer Key Patwari Exam. Evening 01.05.2016 Cat. No.13 Advt. 7/2015

Q. The hardest part of human body is ?
Ans. Enamel
Q. Dry ice is
Ans. Solid carbon dioxide
Q. The image formed by a pin hole camera is
Ans. Real and Inverted
Q. Which of the following liquids has the least density?
Ans. Petrol
Q. The material used in the manufacture of lead pencil is
Ans. Graphite
Q. The number of chambers in the human heart is
Ans. 4
Q. Alcoholic beverages are generally made of
Ans. Ethanol
Q. Plaster of Paris is made from
Ans. Gypsum
Q. We brought up in a village and my grandfather was a simple ………..and quite illiterate.
Ans. Peasant
Choose the word that best expresses the meaning of the underlined word
Q. He refused to kow-tow the government’s wished on this issue
Ans. Be submissive
Q. It was a perilous journey across the mountains.
Ans. Risky
Select the opposite meaning
Q. We have made tentative plans for a holiday
Ans. Definite
Q. Some democratic countries believe in racial segregation
Ans. Integration
Q. Wear and tear
Ans. Damage caused by constant use
Q. Not let the grass grow under one’s feet
Ans. Waste no time in acting
Q. Find the wrongly spelt word
a. Telepathy b. Antepathy c. Sympathy d. Apathy
Ans. Antepathy
Q. Find the wrongly spelt word
a. Earnest b. Infest
c. Detest d. Aganist
Ans. . Against
Q. Children below the age of 16 can be tried only by the …….court.
Ans. Juvenile
प्रश्न- सज्जन का विलोमार्थक शब्द है?
उत्तर- दुर्जन
प्रश्न- निम्न पंक्तियों में रस है
राग है कि, रूप है कि
रस है कि, जस है .........
उत्तर- अद्भुत रस
प्रश्न- लक्षमण का पर्यायवाची शब्द है
उत्तर- सौमित्र
प्रश्न- अत्यावश्यक शब्द का सही संधि विच्छेद है
उत्तर- अति+आवश्यक
प्रश्न-अशुद्ध वर्तनी का चयन कीजिये
मानुष ख. पोषक ग. जिर्णोद्वार घ. निरपेक्ष
उत्तर- जिर्णोद्वार
प्रश्न- इकलौता शब्द में समास है
उत्तर- दिव्गु
प्रश्न- निम्न पंक्तियों में कौन सा अलंकार है?
माला फेरत युग गया, फिर न मन का फेर, कर का मन का डारि दे, मन का मनका फेर |
उतर- यमक
प्रश्न- निम्नलिखित में से उपसर्ग रहित शब्द कौन सा है?
उत्तर- मिलान
प्रश्न-नायक में संधि है?
उत्तर- अयादि संधि
प्रश्न- छठी का दूध याद आना मुहावरे का अर्थ है ?
उत्तर- कठिनाई का अनुभव होना
प्रश्न- Which country will host 8th BRICS Summit in October 2016?
Ans:- India
Q In which state of India World’s first “White Tiger Safari’ has been opened ?
Ans : Madhya Pradesh
Q. PM Modi launched “Stand Up India Scheme” in which of the following ?
Ans ; Noida
Q. Recently UIDAI touched the historic landmark by producing 100th crore. The first aadhar was issued in which year ?
Q. Who is the CEO of OLX ?
Ans:- Alec Oxenford.
Q. Kanzi Ranga national park is situated in
Ans : Assam
Q. Famous Song sare Jahan Se Acha was composed by
Ans :- Mohmad Iqubal
Q. The National institute of community development is located at

Ans :- (Rajendranagar near) Hyderabad
Q. 37 Which wild life century is the habbitate Asiatic Lion’s
Ans :- Gir Forest national park.
Q. 38 Panchyat raj was first introduced in India in 1959 in
Ans : Rajasthan and Andhar Pradesh
Q. 39 If panchyat is dissolved elections are to be held with in
And : 6 Months.
Q. World Environment day is observed on
Ans : 5 June
Q. In 1923 by whom Swaraj party was founded ?
Ans :- Moti Lal Nehru and C.R. Dass
Q. Diego Armando maradona is a famous player associated with
Ans :- Football.
Q. The Term butter fly stroke is associated with
Ans : Swimming.
Q. Which battle was fought between Maratha’s and Hamed Sha Abadali in Haryana
Ans :- Third bettle of Panipat
Q. Which District of Haryana has the highest produce of Mustered ?
Ans :- Mahender garh
Q. In Which city Kanod Fourt is situated ?
Ans :- Mahender garh
Q. Which district of Haryana has the lowest Literacy ?
Ans :- Mewat.
Q. How many districts were there in Haryana at the time of its formation.
Ans : 7
Q. In the Beijining Olampic 2008 which sports person was the recipient of bronze medal inboxing
Ans : - Vijender Singh
Q. Who built the Kose Minars (Towers)
Ans :- Sher Shah Suri
Q. Hill of Morni is situated in Which distrct ?
Ans :- Panchkula 

Q. Heart Haryana situated in the midst of Haryana is the city named 
Ans. Rohtak
Q. The maggazine ;Haryana Samvad' is related with the department of 
Ans. Information & Public relations
Q. Which mineral is found in the district Mahendergarh
Ans. Limestone
Q.Which one of the following is not a reserved Sheduled caste Constituency of state legislative?
Ans. Narnaul
Q.Which town of Haryana is famous as The city of Weavers?
Ans. Panipat
Q. The city Hisar was founded by 
Ans. Firoz Tughlaq
Q.The famous film actor Sunil Dutt was related with which distric of Haryana?
Ans. Yamunanagar
Q. Who among the followingss was not Chief Minister of Haryana?
Ans. G.D.Tapase 
Q. Bhindawas wildlife Sanctuary is located in which district of Haryana ? 
Ans :- Jhajjar
Q. Main flowing river in Faridabad District of Haryana is ?
Ans :- Yamuna
Q. The First Akashwani centre was established in Haryana at ?
Ans :- Rohtak
Q. Central Institute for research on Buffaloes (CIRB) is in
Ans: Hisar
Q>. In which of the following district Guurdwara Neem Sahib is situated
Ans :- Kathal
Q. Pandu Pindara Holy Place is near by which town of Haryana ?
Ans :- Jind.

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