9 May 2016

General Knowledge History

Q. Mahabhasya- an outstanding work in the field of grammar- is a composition by: 
(a) Vedvyas (b) Patanjali  (c) Kalidass (d) None of above 
Ans. b. Patanjali 
Q. Mughal emperor Akbar divide his empire into-
(a) 4 Subas (provinces) (b) 8 Subas (c) 12 Subas  (d) None of above 
Ans. c. Twelve Subas 
Q. The roads of cities in the Indus Valley Civilization generally divided the city into :
(a) Rectangular Blocks (b) Square Blocks (c) Both (d) None of them 
Ans. a
Q. Ashoka the great appointed a class of officers vested withjudicial power known as:
(a) Kotwal (b) Nyayapaal (c) Rajukas (d) None of the above 
Ans. c
Q. Ibn-e-Batuta was a traveler from :
(a) China (b) France (c) Morocco (d) England 
Ans. c
Q. The writer of Rajtarangini is :
(a) Kalhana (b) Chandbardai (c) Amir khusaro (d) Abul Fazal 
Ans. a.
Q. The last Tirthankara in Jain tradition is :
(a) Janendra (b) Vardhmana Mahavira (c) Both (d) None of them 
Ans. b.
Q. Swami Vivekananda was born in Kolkata on :
(a) 12 January, 1863 (b) 12 January, 1836 (c) 21 January, 1863 (d) 21 January, 1836
Ans. a.
Q. In which year were Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev hanged ?
(a) 1921 (b) 1931 (c) 1941 (d) 1945
Ans. b 
Q. The dynasties which ruled over Vijay Nagar  were :
(a) Saluva (b) Tuluva (c) Aravidu (d) All the above 
Ans. d
Q. The most important Bahamani ruler was :
Ans. Firoz Shah Bahamani  
Q. The Satnami sect in India was founded in :
(a)  1557 AD (b) 1657 AD (c) 1757 AD (d) None of them 
Ans. b
Q. The Dutch established their earliest factory at:
(a) Kolkata (b) Mumbai (c) Surat (d) Goa 
Ans. c
Q. The last ruler of Tughlaq dynasty was :
(a) Mohd. Bin Tugahlaq (b) Nasir Uddin Mahmoo (c) Firoz Tughlaq 
Ans. b
Q. The Khajuraho temples were built under :
Ans. Chandela Kings 

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