20 Sept 2015

Haryana G.K.

Q. When Haryana became a state of India ? 
Ans. November 1, 1966. Previously it was part of Punjab. 
Q. Name the Capital of Haryana. 
Ans. Chandigarh, shared by its neighboring state/UT Punjab and Chandigarh, 
Q. Who was Architect of Chandigarh? 
Ans. Chandigarh was designed by Swiss born French architect, Le Corbusier. 
Q. Name the smallest district of Haryana.
Ans. Panchkula. 
Q. which city is known as Tricity?
Ans. Panchkula, along with Mohali and Chandigarh. 
Q. How many Administrative Divisions are in Haryana?
Ans. The state is divided into Six administrative divisions-
1.Ambala 2. Rohtak 3. Gurgaon 4. Hisar 5. Karnal 6. Faridabad 
Ambala Division covers four districts- Ambala, Kurukshetra, panchkula and Yamuna Nagar.
Gurgaon Division covers Three districts- Gurgaon, Mahendragarh, and Rewari.
Hisar Division covers four districts-Fatehabad, Hisar, Jind and Sirsa.
Rohtak Division covers five districts- 
Jhajjar, Rohtak, Bhiwani, Charkhi Dadri and Sonipat.
Karnal Division covers Three districts- Karnal, Panipat and Kaithal 
Faridabad Division covers Three districts- Faridabad, Palwal and Nuh 
Q. How many districts are in Haryana?
Ans. Presently has 22 districts-
1.Ambala 2. Bhiwani 3. Faridabad 4. Fatehabad 5. Gurgaon 6. Hisar 7. Jhajjar 8. Jind 9. Kaithal 10. Karnal 11. Kurukshetra 12. Mahendragarh 13. Nuh (Mewat) 14. Palwal 15. Panchkula 16. Panipat 17. Rewari 18. Rohtak 19. Sonipat 20. Sirsa 21. Yamuna Nagar 22. Charkhi Dadri 
Q. Name the Police Commissionerate in Haryana 
Q. How many police ranges in Haryana?
Ans. Five. 
Ambala Range- Districts covered- Ambala, Yamuna Nagar and Kurukshetra
KARNAL RANGE- Districts covered- Karnal, Panipat and Kaithal
HISAR RANGE - Districts covered -Hisar, Sirsa, Fatehabad, Jind, Hansi
ROHTAK RANGE - Districts covered -Rohtak, Sonipat, Jhajjar, Charkhi Dadri, Bhiwani 
SOUTH RANGE – Districts covered- Rewari, Palwal, Mahendergarh, Nuh (Mewat)
Q. Where is Haryana Police Academy and Training Centres are situated?
Q. Which is the new police district in Haryana?
Ans. Hansi 
Q. Which is the 22nd district of Haryana?
Ans. Charkhi Dadri 

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