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20 Dec 2016

Solved Paper/ Answer Key-III Station Supervisor exam 18.12.16

Q. Which is the first movie in the history of Haryana cinema?
Ans. Harfull Singh Jaat Julani
Q. Where is the Chinkara Breeding Centre situated ?
Ans.  Kairu, Bhiwani 
Q. Where is the High Court of Haryana functioning ?
Ans. Chandigarh 
Q. Which of the following pair is incorrect regarding to players and their sports 
Ans. Mamta Kharb- Shooting is incorrect 
Q. According to motor vehicle Act, the permit which are initially issued by one state and later on endorsed into another state by concerned state transport authority for Goods Vehicle is known as- 
Ans. Counter signature permits for goods 
Q. The registration certificate of a motor vehicle is valid for-
Ans. 15 years 
Q. Stopping Distance of a vehicle when brake is applied is equal to 
Ans. Sum of Perception, Reaction and Braking Distance 
Q.The traffic signs which inform road users contain rules and regulation which they have to observe for safe and free flow of traffic are called:
Ans. Regulatory Signs 
Q. As per motor vehicle rules, the minimum age limit of a person to drive a motor vehicle more than 50 cc are- 
Ans. 18 years 
Q. Out of the following which emission standard is followed for passenger car and light commercial vehicle, applicable to National Capital Region of India from 1st April, 2010.
Ans. Bharat Stage-IV
Q. While driving at night speed of the motor vehicle should be reduced to the safe speed of-
Ans. 50 kmph 
Q. The traffic which measures the proportion of different types of traffic and establishes relative importance of roads is called 
Ans.Traffic Volume Study 
Q. According to motor vehicle Act any good carriage the gross vehicle weight of which or a tractor or a road roller the unleden weight of either of which excess 12,000 kg. is known as- 
Ans. heavy goods vehicle
Q. When two road cross each other, the crossing is called-
Ans. Intersection 
Q. In the traffic sign for Direction sign. Disc is painted in red colour and the arrow is painted in- 
Ans. White colour
Q. According to motor vehicle rule, fitness of the non-commercial vehicle are required to be checked-
Ans. After 15 years and thereby at every 5 years
Q.The number of vehicles crossing a given cross section of the road during unit time is called?
Ans. traffic volume 
Q. All the cautionary road signs are indicated in 
Ans. Triangular form
Q. Overtaking prohibited is a traffic sign classified under-
Ans. Mandatory signs
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